About CXAmaid

Who we are

CXAmaid.com is a world-wide matching agency offering maids and nannies. CXAmaid.com is an online matching platform – which is safe and easy to use. As an online matching agency, we cannot directly take part in the Helper (maid Or Nanny) arrangement process, since we are not a full-service agency. However, we can help you with useful information on our website.

CXAmaid.com offers applicants and Host Families a platform to get to know each other. Here you can search for the right candidate or Host Family and organize the stay together. You will find all the information you need and step by step guides that will help you through the process. Our website is available in two different languages, so it is easy for everybody to understand.

The safety of Host Families and candidate is very important to us. Therefore, all entries, just like pictures and texts, are checked daily. Occasionally it happens that “black sheeps” register on Cxamaid.com . In general, they are detected and deleted in the first 24 hours. However, if you encounter irregularities, please inform us immediately.

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How it works

you can create your own profile for free and instantly browse through profiles of many of candidates and Host Families from all over the world. Using a detailed search filter, you can easily search for candidates or Host Families that meet your search criteria. By adding users to your hotlist you never lose the overview over your favorites. Then to contact with them you have to upgrade your account to a premium account

When you purchase a Premium membership, you have direct access to the contact information of candidates or Host Families - if they have included this information in their profile - and using those, you can contact them directly via e-mail or telephone.

What we stand for

We are grateful that with our cxamaid programs we can make a small contribution to making the world a more peaceful and lovable place by

reducing prejudices through intercultural contacts
supporting the work-life balance of families
strengthening the self-confidence of young women and host mothers in particular
Apart from the obvious advantages of the cxamaid program, there are also effects that are not obvious at first glance.
Most of the time, it concerns mothers who would have to give up their jobs and careers to raise their children. A cxamaid gives especially women the opportunity to return to their jobs or to get free time and relaxation from raising children. This increases the host mothers' self-esteem and independence, which has a positive effect on family life.

Do Helper need their own room?

Yes! One of the main requirements to become a Host Family is the possibility to provide the Helper with a private room in your house. The room has to have proper heating, cooling and lighting, a lock for privacy and enough furniture to make it comfortable.